Joint Markets and Supply Chain Update | 30 July – 05 August 2023

  • Prices of food and non-food items varied across most states, except for Galgaduud, Jubaland, and Mogadishu where prices remained stable.
  • Prices of local cereals (white maize and red sorghum) mostly remained stable or had mild changes (1-4%) due to slight declines or increases in supply.
  • Prices of imported food commodities (rice, wheat flour, pasta, and sugar) increased (1-4%) in some regions due to decreased supply, while prices in the Southwest decreased (1-4%) due to increased supply.
  • Milk prices remained stable, except for a slight decrease in Hirshabelle and a slight increase in Somaliland and Southwest due to seasonal availability changes
  • Diesel prices slightly decreased in Southwest and Hirshabelle due to increased supply.
  • Daily labor wage rates mildly declined in Hirshabelle and Southwest due to a seasonal decline in agricultural activities.
  • Some towns experienced insufficient inventories of basic commodities like rice and wheat flour due to insecurity and seasonal monsoon.
  • Assortment of goods remained strong in most markets, except in some markets in Southwest and Puntland where variety was diminished due to new taxes and transportation issues.
  • Shops continued to receive a dependable flow of products through distribution networks.
  • The movement of goods through major and minor corridors was consistent, although the border with Kenya and Ethiopia remained closed.
  • A restricted flow of goods was observed in Laas Caanood due to social conflict, and armed conflict in Baidoa affected commercial movements in the Bay and Bakol regions.
  • Market-dependent households in the Southwest experienced improved economic access to food after the roads were opened, but the situation remains volatile due to armed conflict.
  • Market-dependent households in Hirshabelle and Puntland may have experienced difficulties in accessing food due to price increases.

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