Joint Markets and Supply Chain Update | 23 July – 29 July 2023

  • Overall, prices of food and non-food items remained stable in most areas of the country, except in Puntland and Southwest where prices changed from mild to moderate rates.
  • In Southwest, prices of most food items declined due to improved supply routes, while in Puntland, prices of local cereals mildly increased due to a slight decline in supply.
  • Imported food items saw a decline in prices in Southwest due to improved supply, while Puntland saw a slight decline in sugar and vegetable oil prices.
  • Camel milk prices remained stable, and diesel prices decreased in Puntland and significantly declined in the Southwest.
  • Daily labor wages remained stable, except for a slight decline in the Southwest.
  • Availability of stocks in markets was generally sufficient, except for some towns that faced insufficient inventories of basic commodities like rice and wheat flour.
  • Some markets in Southwest and Hiran saw diminished variety on shelves due to new taxes on goods and transporters.
  • There were isolated quality issues in Baardhere and Cadaado towns, mainly related to split peas and potatoes.
  • Shops continued to receive a dependable flow of products through distribution networks, and movement over major and minor corridors was consistent.
  • Most roads were passable, except for restricted flow in Laas Caanood due to social conflict.
  • Commercial normalcy returned to roads in Bay and Bakool regions after the cessation of restrictions.
  • In terms of implications on food security, market-dependent households in Southwest experienced improved economic access to more food items due to reduced prices.
  • However, in Puntland, market-dependent households may face challenges in purchasing required quantities of local cereals due to slightly increased prices.


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